How To Use Balance Rewards Points At Walgreens

by Alli on January 14, 2016

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How To Use Balance Rewards Points At Walgreens Walgreens has several different shopping rewards programs, one of which is the Balance Rewards Points program. (You can also learn about Register Rewards here) So how do you use Walgreens Balance Rewards Points? You can register at any time for free either in-stores or online. This program will then be linked to your phone number, so be sure to put in a valid number.

-You are able to earn points by making purchases in-store or online. Walgreens offers Everyday Points (which are points that will be earned on every purchase at 10 points per dollar spent which equals $.01 per 10 points earned) as well as special points promotions that you will see in the circular each week.

– Coupons will have no effect on the earning of points. Use all the coupons that you want and you will still earn the same amount of points promised.

-Points cannot be used towards purchases of alcohol, gift cards, prescription co-pays, stamps, prepaid cards, dairy or tobacco.

-Bonus points expire after 36 months from date of earning or after 6 months of no activity.

– You can now earn Walgreens Everyday Points on ANY purchase even if you use points on the purchase, but you will only be able to earn the amount on what the used points did not cover. Read more about this confusing addition here. (updated 4/25/16)

Here is the breakdown of points redemption:

1,000 points = $1
2,000 points = $3
5,000 points = $5
10,000 points = $10
18,000 points = $20
30,000 points = $35
40,000 points = $50

Balance Rewards Points can add up before you know it, so keep an eye on your total! Find more Walgreens deals here.

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