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Giveaway Winners Welcome to my giveaway winners page! I will be updating this page regularly, so keep checking back! The winners will be listed after they have responded to my email, so it may take a few days for winners to show up.

Entenmann’s National Donut Day Prize Pack
Sally L ([email protected])

Entenmann’s Little Bites Prize Pack
Laura J. ([email protected])

Krusteaz Back To School Prize Pack
Julia S. ([email protected])

Entenmann’s Little Bites And Sara Lee Prize Pack
Kathleen M. ([email protected])

$100 Amazon or Paypal Birthday Giveaway
Christina S. ([email protected])

$30 Visa Card and Watersavers Prize Pack
Kelly D. ([email protected])

I Love Lucy DVD
Chava C. ([email protected])
Bernie W. ([email protected])

Watersavers Prize Pack
Kelly D. ([email protected])

The Stream DVD
Sandra D. ([email protected])

Lemonhead Prize Pack
Stephanie J. ([email protected])

Red Gold Prize Pack
Virgina R. ([email protected])

$25 Ross Dress For Less Gift Card
Shelly P. ([email protected])

Ernest & Celestine Prize Pack
Shandi M. ([email protected])

ZonePerfect Prize Pack
Carol W. ([email protected])

iPad Mini 16GB
Emily S. ([email protected])

Sunoco $50 Gift Card
Ann F. ([email protected])

Fireman Sam Activity Book
Dawn G. ([email protected])

Disney On Ice Tickets
Jacque O. ([email protected])

Cedar Cove DVD
Andrea W. ([email protected])

Free Hungry-Man Coupons
Seyma B. ([email protected])
Christy A. ([email protected])

Free Dial Coconut Water Body Wash Coupons
Erika W. ([email protected])
Jennifer T. ([email protected])
Rose A. ([email protected])

Peeps Prize Pack
Eloise C. ([email protected])

Balance Bars Prize Pack
Jennifer R. ([email protected])

$25 Ross Dress For Less Gift Card
Cindy B. ([email protected])

Del Taco Free Product Coupons
Candice D. ([email protected])

$25 Ross Dress For Less Gift Card
Serena P. ([email protected])

Sesame Street: Monster Manners DVD
Shannon K. ([email protected])

Red Gold Prize Pack
Della B. ([email protected])

Antboy DVD
Jill M. ([email protected])

Witches of East End DVD Set
Ron O. ([email protected])

$50 Safeway Gift Card
Rita S. ([email protected])

$25 Walmart Gift Card
Kimberly B. ([email protected])

Oral-B Black 7000 Electric Toothbrush
Tina R. ([email protected])

Saffron Road Prize Pack
Julia S. ([email protected])
Theresa K. ([email protected])

Entenmann’s Donut Day Prize Pack
Collette N. ([email protected])

Crest Pro-Health Oral Care Prize Pack
Melanie T. ([email protected])

$50 Visa Gift Card & Watersavers Prize Pack
Becky L. ([email protected])

Free Purex Crystals
Brittney H. ([email protected])
Tabathia A. ([email protected])

Chick-Fil-A Grilled Chicken Entrees
Elizabeth H. ([email protected])
Seyma B. ([email protected])
Jenny L. ([email protected])
Kristen W. ([email protected])
Debbie R. ([email protected])
Jessilee R. ([email protected])

Snack Girl Cookbook
Shawna F. ([email protected])
Denise S. ([email protected])
Katy D. ([email protected])
Tamar W. ([email protected])
Nancy A. ([email protected])

Muller Yogurt Prize Pack
Janice O. ([email protected])
Michelle F. ([email protected])

Original Loom Boom
Nikki S. ([email protected])

Kindle Fire 7″ Tablet
Patricia C. ([email protected])

Entenmann’s Earth Day Prize Pack
Sandra D. ([email protected])

$50 Fresh Thyme Farmers Market Gift Card
Kay T. ([email protected])

$50 Costco And Fisher Nuts Prize Pack
Melissa E. ([email protected])

Gorton’s Seafood Prize Pack
Vicki K. ([email protected])

$25 Ross Dress For Less Gift Card
Claire H. ([email protected])

$20 Penn Station East Coast Subs Gift Certificate
Maryann D. ([email protected])
Naomi L. ([email protected])

Mako Mermaids DVD
Shelley P. ([email protected])

$25 Mrs. Green’s Natural Market Gift Card
Lynn F. ([email protected])

$25 Family Dollar Prize Pack
Amanda S. ([email protected])

$15 Sonic Gift Card
Jessica B. ([email protected])

One Direction DVD
Brianna K ([email protected])

Instructions Not Included DVD
Ramon D ([email protected])

That Awkward Moment Prize Pack
Carmen S. ([email protected])
Erika A. ([email protected])

Entenmann’s Prize Pack
Stephanie G. ([email protected])

Michael Angelo’s Entrees
Amy F. ([email protected])
Teresa T. ([email protected])
Marissa H. ([email protected])
Carol W. ([email protected])
Jasmine H. ([email protected])

$25 Visa Gift Card and Ricola Prize Pack
Sara Z. ([email protected])

Dinosaur Train Nature Trackers Book
Rosemary H. ([email protected])

Secret Clinical Prize Pack
Martha N. ([email protected])
Debb R. ([email protected])
Julie L. ([email protected])
Emily M. ([email protected])

Disney On Ice “Let’s Celebrate” Tickets
Susan G. ([email protected])

$25 CVS Gift Card and Pantene Prize Pack
Wanda C. ([email protected])

Percy Jackson And The Sea Of Monsters Blu-Ray
Laura E. ([email protected])

Energizer Batteries
Dawn B. ([email protected])
Elizabeth B. ([email protected])
Debbie W. ([email protected])
Theodore E. ([email protected])
Tram L. ([email protected])

WaterSavers Prize Pack
Mary Cathy C. ([email protected])

Hunger Games: Catching Fire Book
Richard C. ([email protected])
Cynthia R. ([email protected])
Elizabeth S. ([email protected])

Dinosaur Train Prize Pack
Tracy Z. ([email protected])

$100 Amazon or Paypal Giveaway
Angela Y. ([email protected])

Energizer Prize Pack
Madeline B. (madxxx@xxx)

Seattle’s Best Prize Pack
Marti T. (parxxx@xxx)

Pampers Prize Pack and Gift Card
Laura E. (lulxxx@xxx)

Brickhouse Tavern Gift Card
Shannon K. (mygxxx@xxx)

Musselman’s Prize Pack
Tracy J. (traxxx@xxx)

Dino Dan DVD

Jennifer S. (angxxx@xxx)

$25 Del Taco Gift Card
Michelle T. (micxxx@xxx)

$25 Ross Dress For Less Gift Card
Soha M. (eddxxx@xxx)

Energizer Lithium Prize Pack
Vikki B. (vikxxx@xxx)
Pauline M. (pauxxx@xxx)
Julie M. (ufgxxx@xxx)

Princess Twins DVD
Jill M. (jwexxx@xxx)

$10 Sonic Drive-In Gift Card
Susan S. (s2sxxx@xxx)
Andrina G. (andxxx@xxx)

$25 CiCi’s Pizza Gift Card
Donna P. (donxxx@xxx)

Room On The Broom DVD and Book
Cynthia C. (clcxxx@xxx)

Cascade Ice Prize Pack
Jennifer M. (prexxx@xxx)

Monster High Fangtastic Locker
Mihaela D. (mihxxx@xxx)

Pajanimals Sweet Pea Book
Sandra D. (sanxxx@xxx)

$50 Home Depot And Tide Prize Pack
Connie S. (conxxx@xxx)

Sara Lee Prize Pack
Cathy F. (katxxx@xxx)

Hershey’s Simple Pleasures Prize Pack
Kelly D. (kelxxx@xxx)

Red Gold Prize Pack
Erika W. (msaxxx@xxx)

WaterSavers Prize Pack
Cathy R. (onexxx@xxx)

Pampers Diapers and Wipes Prize Pack
Ruby Y. (rubxxx@xxx)
Robyn G. (fiexxx@xxx)

Daily’s Cocktails Prize Pack
Kelly B. (kelxxx@xxx)

Smart Puffs Prize Pack
Charlene S. (chaxxx@xxx)

$100 Amazon/Paypal Gift Card (thank you all for the birthday wishes!!!)
Eloise C. (furxxx@xxx)

Dinosaur Train A-Z Book
Melonie G. (melxxx@xxx)

Salada Tea Prize Pack
Debb R. (jroxxx@xxx)

Dreft Prize Pack
Sheri G. (shexxx@xxx)

Swiffer with Gain Scent Prize Pack
Beth L. (lanxxx@xxx)
Candice D. (cdexxx@xxx)
April B. (ssgxxx@xxx)

Swiffer & Mr. Clean Prize Pack
Janet W. (janxxx@xxx)

Oreo Prize Pack
Karen W. (worxxx@xxx)

Ocean Spray Prize Pack
Julia S. (jimxxx@xxx)

Gain, Febreze And Dollar General Prize Pack
Susan c. (myfxxx@xxx)

Toe Juice Prize Pack
Jennifer C. (honxxx@xxx)

Pampers Prize Packs
Austin B. (mcfxxx@xxx)
Angela H. (awhxxx@xxx)

$10 Del Taco Gift Cards
Christine D. (hapxxx@xxx)
Stephanie L. (stexxx@xxx)
Ruby Y. (rubxxx@xxx)

Gorton’s Prize Pack
Amanda R. (amaxxx@xxx)

Purex Detergent Coupons
Jessica T. (rekxxx@xxx)
Nancy D. (allxxx@xxx)
Linda S. (linxxx@xxx)

Mercer Mayer Autographed Book
Jennifer T. (jtmxxx@xxx)

Purex Detergent
Linda S. (linxxx@xxx)

Saffron Road Coupons
Suzanne D. (suzxxx@xxx)
Steve W. (groxxx@xxx)
Patricia C. (tcrxxx@xxx)Laura C. (lpcxxx@xxx)
Denise N. (denxxx@xxx)

SpiritClips Subscriptions
Janice O. (harxxx@xxx)
Connie S. (conxxx@xxx)

Healthy Essentials Prize Pack
Denise B. (rivxxx@xxx)

$50 Safeway/Dominick’s Gift Card
Kate F. (kdkxxx@xxx)

Downy Unstopables Prize Pack
Michelle W. (wdixxx@xxx)

Stretch Island Fruit Chews
Candice D. (cdexxx@xxx)
Linda W. (walxxx@xxx)
Judy E. (judxxx@xxx)

Little Debbie Boxes
Traci J. (traxxx@xxx)
Sheila K. (skkxxx@xxx)
Julie S. (julxxx@xxx)
Kimberly B. (kbaxxx@xxx)Virginia R. (heyxxx@xxx)
Rebecca W. (adoxxx@xxx)
Jessica D. (ladxxx@xxx)
Diane H. (dudxxx@xxx)
Rita S. (rjsxxx@xxx)
Larry B. (larxxx@xxx)

Hobbit Blu-Ray
Christine A. (nasxxx@xxx)

Care Bears DVD
Jennifer L. (jenxxx@xxx)

Power Rangers DVD
Wendy R. (wenxxx@xxx)

This Is 40 Blu-Ray
Sandra D. (sanxxx@xxx)

CVS Gold Emblem Prize Pack
Neiddy R. (neixxx@xxx)

Return To Nim’s Island Blu-Ray
Pat K. (kacxxx@xxx)

QuitNet Stop Smoking Cards
Nicole S. (danxxx@xxx)
Jeanette S. (bilxxx@xxx)
Heather S. (heaxxx@xxx)
Alicia C. (looxxx@xxx)
Heather S. (flhxxx@xxx)
Jennifer F. (jenxxx@xxx)

$25 IHOP Gift Card
Betsey Z. (zimxxx@xxx)

Wholly Guacamole & Daily’s Cocktails Prize Pack
Jeffrey L. (jlaxxx@xxx)

Strawberry Shortcake DVD
Vikki B. (vikxxx@xxx)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book
Debby C. (chaxxx@xxx)

Disney Live! Tickets
Jessica M. (teaxxx@xxx)

Dinosaur Train Book
Jennifer L. (jenxxx@xxx)

$50 Amazon Gift Card
Rachel E. (racxxx@xxx)

Madly Madagascar DVD
Kelly S. (kdsxxx@xxx)

$25 Subway Gift Card
April t. (aprxxx@xxx)
Jenny S. (jenxxx@xxx)

P&G Prize Pack & $10 Dollar General Gift Card
Beth L. (lanxxx@xxx)

Won’t Back Down Blu-Ray
Jackie V. (tojxxx@xxx)

Mr. Clean and WetJet Prize Pack
Erika A. (msaxxx@xxx)
Tanner H. (shuxxx@xxx)
Amy O. (2doxxx@xxx)

Healthy Essentials Prize Pack
Elvira C. (elvxxx@xxx)

Crest, Olay, Pantene and CoverGirl Prize Pack
Vicky D. (thexxx@xxx)

Merci Chocolates
Michelle T. (micxxx@xxx)
Julia S. (jimxxx@xxx)
Nikki K. (qtkxxx@xxx)

Pantene And Target Gift Card Prize Pack
Samantha D. (jamxxx@xxx)

Charmin, Febreze and $10 CVS Gift Card
Bethany C. (bekxxx@xxx)

$50 Target Gift Cards
Geoff K. (gkaxxx@xxx)
Emma H. (horxxx@xxx)

Energizer Batteries
Sarah L. (slexxx@xxx)
Virginia R. (heyxxx@xxx)
Sarah H. (sarxxx@xxx)
Patricia C. (tcrxxx@xxx)
Kimberly B. (kbaxxx@xxx)

Birds Eye Voila Coupons
Rondah S. (rjsxxx@xxx)
Jessica B. (jj2xxx@xxx)
Jennifer L. (jenxxx@xxx)
Maryann D. (twixxx@xxx)

Subway Gift Cards
Ashley H. (ashxxx@xxx)
Tammy S. (tntxxx@xxx)

Chick-fil-a Prize Pack
Jennifer I. (jenxxx@xxx)
Heather S. (hsixxx@xxx)
Kate S. (katxxx@xxx)
Jennifer M. (swmxxx@xxx)
Stephanie D. (sosxxx@xxx)

Sonos Play3 and Bridge
Jessica L. (jessxxx@xxx)

Stubb’s Barbecue Sauce
Cindy E. (ethxxx@xxx)
Stacey B. (natxxx@xxx)
Christy A. (chrxxx@xxx)
Roger F. (rogxxx@xxx)

Gillette, Olay and Dollar General Prize Pack
Ashley H. (hewxxx@xxx)
Gina M. (ginxxx@xxx)

Dinosaur Train Prize Pack
Shirley H. (cpsxxx@xxx)

Insta-Tote Tote Bags
Bracha P. (braxxx@xxx)
Carly H. (carxxx@xxx)
Lisa B. (jbbxxx@xxx)

$30 Walmart Gift Card
Amanda S. (pokxxx@xxx)

PopChips Prize Pack
Elizabeth N. (elixxx@xxx)

Pampers Prize Pack
Ashley H. (anhxxx@xxx)
Rhonda L. (lyoxxx@xxx)
Lyndsey R. (lynxxx@xxx)

Magic Tap
Andrea G. (asuxxx@xxx)

$25 Ross Gift Card
Jacqueline C. (momxxx@xxx)

Tide Pods Tub
Ann Marie (itaxxx@xxx)

Stretch Island Prize Pack
Shannon B. (slbxxx@xxx)

Energizer Safety Prize Pack
Tonya D. (tdlxxx@xxx)

Walmart Gift Card
Richard M. (rmoxxx@xxx)

Pajaminals DVD
Renee W. (renxxx@xxx)

Ringling Bros And Barnum & Bailey Circus Tickets
Laila M. (laixxx@xxx)

Dinosaur Train Costume and Book
Jamie M. (jamxxx@xxx)

Noodles & Company Entrees
Michelle S. (bucxxx@xxx)
Melissa N. (mjnxxx@xxx)

Dark Shadows DVD
Christy A. (chrxxx@xxx)

Smart Ones Entrees
Lisa R. (sibxxx@xxx)
Kathleen M. (kouxxx@xxx)
Linda L. (lovxxx@xxx)
Angela L. (fotxxx@xxx)

$35 Jiffy Lube Gift Card
Wendi S. (wenxxx@xxx)

Hershey’s Prize Pack
Karlene A. (xyoxxx@xxx)

Dollar General & Gillette Prize Pack
Leslie S. (lstxxx@xxx)
Amy D. (amyxxx@xxx)

Shell Rewards Discounts
Livivua C. (yesxxx@xxx)
Sarah L. (slexxx@xxx)
Geoff K. (gkaxxx@xxx)
Peggy B. (expxxx@xxx)

Carnation, Skinny Cow & Walmart Prize Pack
Wendy R. (hiwxxx@xxx)

Duncan Hines Prize Pack
Carolyn K. (cmkxxx@xxx)
Denise C. (nqdxxx@xxx)

Red Rose Tea Prize Pack
Jessica D. (ladxxx@xxx)

Jimmy Deal Coupons
Christal C. (wilxxx@xxx)
Linda L. (llaxxx@xxx)
Georgiana O. (apaxxx@xxx)
Sandra B. (canxxx@xxx)

Dawn & Mr. Clean Prize Pack
Tabathia B. (tbaxxx@xxx)
Anna R. (fruxxx@xxx)
Rebecca L. (rebxxx@xxx)
Julie M. (jmaxxx@xxx)
Nan S. (nanxxx@xxx)

Energizer Flameless Candle
Michelle H. (shexxx@xxx)
Crystal (amexxx@xxx)

GoodNites Prize Pack
Ursula T. (staxxx@xxx)
Abby S. (noexxx@xxx)
Sarah T. (strxxx@xxx)

Nectresse & $25 Walmart Gift Card Pack
Sheila K. (skkxxx@xxx)
Jo-Ann B. (hwbxxx@xxx)
Ruby Y. (rubxxx@xxx)
Amy D. (delxxx@xxx)

Plackers and Van’s Pack
Emily A. (emdxxx@xxx)
Julia S. (jimxxx@xxx)
Lynda M. (lmaxxx@xxx)
Nancy D. (allxxx@xxx)
Jenny L. (jenxxx@xxx)

Disney On Ice Treasure Trove Tickets
Liz N. (lucxxx@xxx)

CiCi’s Prize Pack
Nicole C. (choxxx@xxx)

Neutrogena Prize Pack
Krissie M. (krixxx@xxx)

$25 Famous Footwear Gift Card
Monique R. (mogxxx@xxx)

Chobani Champions Yogurt Coupons
Rebecca S. (rjwxxx@xxx)
Patricia C. (tcrxxx@xxx)
Jennifer T. (jtmxxx@xxx)
Matthew B. (mboxxx@xxx)

Merrick Prize Pack
Joyce R. (joyxxx@xxx)

Dinosaur Train V.Reader and Cartridge
Shirley S. (shsxxx@xxx)

Mom’s Back To School Survival Kit
Jennifer R. (j1mxxx@xxx)

Hershey’s Kisses Bag
Rebecca S. (rjwxxx@xxx)

Santa’s Village Tickets
Trevor C. (trexxx@xxx)

Nivea Lip Care Duos
Dolores O. (djoxxx@xxx)
Sheri G. (shexxx@xxx)
Jennifer R. (wilxxx@xxx)

Wikki Stix Fixables
Sally L. (salxxx@xxx)
Katie W. (katxxx@xxx)
Julia S. (jimxxx@xxx)
Jennifer P. .(jenxxx@xxx)
Paul T. (emsxxx@xxx)

$100 Jewel AND Shell Gift Cards
Nicole L. (pitxxx@xxx)

Rock of Ages MP3 Album
Susy J. (canxxx@xxx)
Linda W. (walxxx@xxx)
Heather M. (deoxxx@xxx)

CoCo Key Water Park 4-pack
Lisa B. (jbbxxx@xxx)

Garfield DVD
Liza V. (aprxxx@xxx)

Tropicana Trop50 $25 Visa Gift Card
Kelly G. (mesxxx@xxx)

Hospital Baby Products
Dianna M. (diaxxx@xxx)
Andrea G. (sioxxx@xxx)

Eckrich Bacon Lovers Deli Meat Coupons
Shelley P. (sscxxx@xxx)
Judy B. (beaxxx@xxx)
Sandy D. (meoxxx@xxx)
Eddie G. (mosxxx@xxx)
Michelle H. (shexxx@xxx)
Sarah W. (srexxx@xxx)

$25 Gift Cards
Dorothy W. (dotxxx@xxx)
Jacki M. (jmoxxx@xxx)
Kelly D. (traxxx@xxx)
Salina R. (salxxx@xxx)

$10 Hooters Gift Cards
Tricia S. (wigxxx@xxx)
Deanna W. (deaxxx@xxx)
Erika W. (mrsxxx@xxx)
Jennifer R. (wilxxx@xxx)

BP Fuel Discounts
Carrie W. (mizxxx@xxx)
Linda W. (walxxx@xxx)
Lisa B. (jbbxxx@xxx)
Stacey (natxxx@xxx)

Honey Bunches Of Oats Coupons
Jessie. C. (tcaxxx@xxx)
Jen S. (vicxxx@xxx)
Patricia C. (tcrxxx@xxx)
Brittany C. (brixxx@xxx)
Christy A. (chrxxx@xxx)

$15 Corner Bakery Gift Card
Yesi E. (yesxxx@xxx)

Q-Tips and $25 AmEx Gift Card
Theresa S. (tesxxx@xxx)

Dinosaur Train Book
G. K. (cmaxxx@xxx)

Dr. Praeger’s Coupons
NJ J. (golxxx@xxx)
Chavonne H. (chaxxx@xxx)
Sheila K. (skk@xxx)

Ball Park Product Coupons
Linda C. (linxxx@xxx)
Andrea D. (shoxxx@xxx)
Tina M. (merxxx@xxx)
Thuy V. (thuxxx@xxx)
Vera S. (vgsxxx@xxx)

Chick-Fil-A Dessert Coupon Cards
Kendra W. (kenxxx@xxx)
Christal C. (wilxxx@xxx)
Savannah W. (fuzxxx@xxx)
John M. (johxxx@xxx)
Lisa E. (essxxx@xxx)

$25 Gift Cards
Peter T. (pltxxx@xxx)
Blanca A. (blaxxx@xxx)
Tori N. (torxxx@xxx)

1-800-FLOWERS $50 Gift Card
Rita S. (rsjxxx@xxx)

Discovery Kids Puterbugs
Stacey (natxxx@xxx)

Michael Angelo’s Entree Coupons
Jackie V. (tojxxx@xxx)
Christy A. (chrxxx@xxx)
Danyelle H. (paixxx@xxx)

Lugz Men’s Boots
Jason N. (kinxxx@xxx)

$100 Walmart Gift Card
Sarah L. (slexxx@xxx)

Havaianas Flip-Flops
Jewels W. (jewxxx@xxx)

Boxee Box
Lynnette W. (lynxxx@xxx)

KitchenAid Mixer #2
Laura R. (thexxx@xxx)

KitchenAid Mixer #1
Michelle R. (robxxx@xxx)

Birds Eye Voila Coupons
Mary Beth (marxxx@xxx)
Caryn S. (carxxx@xxx)
Lori B. (lorxxx@xxx)

iPad and 20 Free Magazines
Teresa H. (thexxx@xxx)

Breugger’s Bottomless Mug
Dana S. (danxxx@xxx)

Two CiCi’s Pizza Buffet Coupons
Janice V. (vanxxx@xxx)

$10 Subway Gift Card
Mary F. (mamxxx@xxx)

Van’s Breakfast Products
Aubrey F.  (famxxx@xxx)
Carolynn K. (kc0xxx@xxx)
Laura J. (lanxxx@xxx)
Mo C. (feixxx@xxx)

$30 RadioShack Gift Card
To Be Announced

Mazola Bamboo Cutting Board and Tongs Set
Valerie M. (vmkxxx@xxx)

Monster High Prize Packs and $100 Walmart Gift Card
Tonya H. (vamxxx@xxx) – Celebration Kit
John L. (nicxxx@xxx) – Dress Up Kit + Doll
Patricia S. (dawxxx@xxx) – $100 Walmart Gift Card

Purex Triple Action Detergent
Trisha S. (wigxxx@xxx)
Cyndi H. (redxxx@xxx)

$25 Maggiano’s Gift Card
Nancy L. (thexxx@xxx)

Dinosaur Train Eggstravaganza DVD
Anita A. (aunxxx@xxx)

Hershey’s Prize Pack
Mary G. (jagxxx@xxx)

De Wafelbakkers Free Coupons
Lynn F. (fosxxx@xxx)
Jennifer T. (jtmxxx@xxx)
Keisa R. (keixxx@xxx)
Cayla L. (cayxxx@xxx)
Patricia C. (tcrxxx@xxx)

Wrigley’s Gum
Patty W. (patxxx@xxx)
Beth H. (betxxx@xxx)
Jackie V. (tojxxx@xxx)

Little Debbie Cocoa Cremes
Angela W. (hotxxx@xxx)

Game Of Operation
Rachel B. (racxxx@xxx)
Christy W. (chrxxx@xxx)

Dinosaur Train Toothbrushes
Julia S. (jimxxx@xxx)
Anita A. (aunxxx@xxx)

CVS or Walgreens Gift Cards
Yesi E. (yesxxx@xxx)
Jana W. (janxxx@xxx)
Jen H. (jenxxx@xxx)
Julia S. (jimxxx@xxx)

Sun-Maid Prize Pack
Debra H. (debxxx@xxx)

Trident & Stride 12-Count Boxes
Russell M. (rusxxx@xxx)
Jen J. (frexxx@xxx)

$100 Queen of Hearts
Jessi McCoy

$200 Paypal Giveaway
Joanne S. (js2xxx@xxx)

$50 Walmart Gift Card
Latisha D. (tisxxx@xxx)

$25 Supervalue/Jewel-Osco Gift Card
Valerie M. (vmkxxx@xxx)

Stopain $150 Gift Card Prize Pack
Cheryl F. (thexxx@xxx)

$100 Walmart Gift Card
Jose S. (manxxx@xxx)

Male Fertility Tests
Moa U. (eikxxx@xxx)
Suzanne b. (belxxx@xxx)
Elena I. (elexxx@xxx)

Sesame Street Heroes DVD
James C. (jimxxx@xxx)

YoCrunch Product Coupons
Crystle T. (cryxxx@xxx)
Lynn F. (fosxxx@xxx)
Jessica W. (jesxxx@xxx)
James C. (jimxxx@xxx)

Aquaphor Healing & Baby Care Gift Set
Jessica T. (rekxxx@xxx)

Kindle Fire or KitchenAid Mixer
Janet M. (janxxx@xxx)

3 DVD Giveaway
Amanda H. (ihexxx@xxx)

Quaker Instant Oatmeal – 4 Winners
Cheryl F (thexxx@xxx)
Alicia Z. (alixxx@xxx)

Have Your Own Laptop
Catherine R. (crrxxx@xxx)

Softlips Winter Collection
Lisa P. (swtxxx@xxx)

$25 Visa Gift Card from Trop50
Carol W. (carxxx@xxx)

iPad 2 and iPad Touch
iPad 2 Christine B. (chrxxx@xxx)
iTouch Mike B. (spaxxx@xxx)

$25 Burger King Gift Card
Joyce M. (joyxxx@xxx)

$100 American Express Gift Card or Paypal Prize
Nikki P.

$10 Subway Gift Card
Lauren B. (lobxxx@xxx)

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Eileen Gassman January 14, 2012 at 9:40 am

Nice idea!


Joyce Raymond January 14, 2012 at 8:01 pm



Patricia Mohl April 22, 2012 at 11:50 pm

Sweet thanks


Lauren Zimmer May 19, 2012 at 1:07 am

Awesome site! Thanks!


Dana S January 16, 2013 at 10:14 pm

Someone told me I had on something from this site but I have no clue what it was? Can anyone explain how to find out if you won?


Alli January 19, 2013 at 11:12 am

Hi Dana, you would have gotten an email from me. I’m sorry, but I don’t have a record of you winning anything as of now. Have a great weekend! 🙂


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