Mirror Mirror Movie Review – It’s Good For A Laugh!

by Alli on March 30, 2012

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The new Mirror Mirror movie came out today! I’ve been watching previews of it for weeks and have seen little clips of Julia Roberts talking about it, so it’s been on the short list of movies that I’ve wanted to see.

It’s a really fun movie. It’s light, it’s entertaining and you can almost feel the actors winking at you throughout the movie. The must have had a great time filming because the feeling that they did tends to leap off the screen.

While the standard Snow White story is not a happy one (the evil queen, the hunter, the apple), this puts a bit of a fun spin on things. You probably wouldn’t want to invite the “evil” queen (Julia Roberts’ character) to lunch, but everything about her is amusing. To maintain her youthful appearance, she has bird poop applied to her face. To try to capture the heart of a young prince, she uses a funny potion. You find yourself laughing at her in good fun, as you do several of the other characters.

The only “serious” character in the movie is Lily Collins’ Snow White. At first I wondered why she wasn’t as lighthearted, but it slowly became apparent that she was the stabilizing force in the movie. If everyone is a goof you can’t appreciate the heart of the story. And there is one. The story is ultimately the same as that of the fairy tale – a girl who wants to be loved finds friends in the seven “dwarfs” and comes out on top in the end.

Mirror Mirror is a fun movie that you can take your kids to see. I am not sure I’d take anyone too little (I’d say 7 and up), but the very few suspenseful parts are quickly explained or resolved in a satisfying and easy to understand way. The sets and images are beautiful and enjoyable to look at and you will want to raid the Evil Queen’s closet as much as I did. The costumes are amazing! All in all, this was a lighthearted and entertaining time. I think you’ll enjoy it.

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