The Problem With Facebook Is…. No One Can See Any Posts!

by Alli on December 5, 2013

Facebook PostsI just wanted to give you a quick head’s up – Facebook has made MORE changes and they’re not for the better! Basically Facebook has decided that they will show you the information that is “relevant” at any given time. How do they determine what YOU will find relevant? That’s a very good question. What I can tell you is that I am not seeing items in my feed that I used to. I have chosen to “hide” some pages just so that they weren’t deemed relevant and have chosen to get “notifications” from others in order to make sure I see them.

My point in this is that if you are one of the over 35,500 Couponing For 4 Facebook fans, you are not seeing most of my posts. Deals are frequent and I promise you that Facebook has decided that most of them are not relevant to a good portion of you at any given time. How do I know this? Because statistically, that is how it would work out. I can see that only about 1,500 of you are seeing each post. That means that over 33,500 of you are not.

How do I solve this issue you ask? There are a few ways:

  • Enable “Notifications” on the Couponing For 4 Facebook page. You’ll find this by hovering your mouse over the “Liked” button and click the “Get Notifications” option that shows up. (As in the photo above)
  • Make sure that you are “Liking” posts!! If you see Couponing For 4 posts in your feed, Facebook will deem deals more relevant to what you want to see.
  • Join the Couponing For 4 Facebook group. I post Amazon Lighthing Deals, quick deals and all other deals in there to be sure that you have everything. You an also enable notifications here so that you get emails if you want them!
  • Sign up for the Couponing For 4 newsletter to make sure that you ARE seeing everything! It is free and gets mailed out once per day around 5PM CST.

Whatever you do, my best suggestion is to interact with the pages that you like. Do you follow Pillsbury on Facebook? Like a post here and there. Is there a friend that you don’t often see in your feed? Deliberately go over to their page and like a post or two. Interaction will be your best way of letting Facebook know what you want to see. And if you want to see Couponing For 4 in your feed, please like some posts! I’d love to see you over there!

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